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    • EternaVerse is a Beta Game developed by a small team. There are many similarities with other games as it is based off a common source - an open-source project. Where EternaVerse differs is that it is shaped by the community in many ways.
      Please join the Forums to join in on the discussion, have your voice heard and you could take part in shaping the game.
      As EternaVerse is a BETA, there are numerous bugs still to be fixed. Assisting in identifying and correcting bugs can earn you in-game rewards. Dedicated Testers can see upcoming features, and view fully developed empires - Contact an Admin to learn more!

      • EternaVerse is composed of many unexplored Galaxies, with the human race colonizing at the edge of the galaxy which became known as The Frontier.
      • The expansion into The Frontier saw massive empires formed through the millennia. These empires fueled by a passion for battle have lead many to seek refuge from the tyranny of war, a new place to call home.
      • With the discovery of The Outer Rings, a new wave of colonization is beginning - and with what inevitably follows... WAR.
      • Will humanity ever know anything but war? Can you lead your people through the chaos and turmoil?
      • Join hundreds of players, forge Alliances and wage war across the Verse. Peace can't be bought or given, it must be taken...
      • - - -
      • The Frontier: A millenia of war has made this Galaxy the most challenginge. Entry into the Frontier is simple, survival is not.
      • The Outer Rings: A newly discovered Galaxy, little is known yet..except that it is much larger than ever seen.
      • - EternaVerse is under development - The release of The Outer Rings is considered Alpha -
      • Free registration - No Monthly Fees - No In-Game Advertisements - No Restarted Universes

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